The Week in TicketCity Search – March 9th

TicketCity Week in Search

Week of
Mar. 5th
1 5 Radiohead
2 3 Big Time Rush
3 8 Big 12 Tournament
4 2 Houston Rodeo
5 1 Madonna
6 10 Big East Tournament
7 9 Justin Bieber
8 Big Ten Tournament
9 SEC Tournament
10 Miami Heat

As college basketball fans get ready to fire up their brackets, there’s still the matter of determining out who will populate them. The conference tournaments are in full swing, and figure heavily this week. Holding over from last week, we have the Big 12 and the Big East, both showing some positive movement. The Big Ten and the SEC enter the countdown in the bottom five. There’s still time to get some conference tournament championship tickets, if you want to see your top pick lock down their seed in person.

While popular, the conference tournaments didn’t exactly crowd into the top five. Raidohead walked away with a strong victory, followed by Big Time Rush, making for an odd musical pairing at the top of the countdown. The Houston Rodeo is in full swing. It lost a couple spots this week, but still turns in a strong showing. Lots of big acts coming up next week at Reliant Stadium.

The bottom five is almost all basketball, and hawk-eyed Beiber fans, checking back to see when new concert dates arrive. Not quite yet, I’m afraid. The Heat return to the countdown, reminding us that professional basketball is still rather popular even as the collegiate flavor steals the spotlight a bit.




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