The Week in TicketCity Search – May 1st.

Derby Weekend is upon us and the Derby crushes all concert competition this week. While interest is high, prices are low, and you can still make it to the Derby to sip Mint Juleps and gaze at sizable chapeaus if you act today. Which would be Friday, May 1st. If you’re reading this next Monday, there’s always next year.

BeyoncĂ© follows the fillies and the Jonas Brothers strike back at my prediction they’d slide out of the top 10. Funny, they don’t seem like the vindictive sort. New to the top 10 is Green Day, who will be hitting concert venues nationwide in support of their first (“Foxboro Hot Tubs” not included) studio album in 5 years, 21st Century Breakdown.

New to the top 10 and surprising more for such a low showing, is Austin’s own ACL Festival, securely in last place. The festival line-up was announced earlier this week, and naturally caused a surge of interest online. Initial reaction is that it’s one of their best, if not the best, and quite a significant improvement over the previous year’s line up. (No offense, Beck.)

Current Rank Last Week Keyword
1 3 Kentucky Derby
2 2 Kentucky Oaks
3 4 Beyoncé
4 5 Jonas Brothers
5 Green Day
6 Taylor Swift
7 5 Aerosmith
8 6 Metallica
9 1 U2
10 ACL




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