The Week in TicketCity Search – May 21st

At least one thing has returned to “normal” on the countdown this week as Lady Gaga takes up residence at the top once more. Time will tell if the recent volatility in her rankings is over or if this is just another wild fluctuation. Fluctuating with her is Pearl Jam, who appear at #2 and coincidentally have a huge show at Madison Square Garden tonight. I’m pretty sure they will not be here next week.

The WWE holds steady at their peak #3 ranking, while Tool tumbled from the top down to #4, allowing the esteemed Mr. Bieber to cling to top 5 status. That brings us to #6 and the little local festival we have around here every fall. Yes, the ACL Line-up was announced, a little later than last year, which brought it to chart this week. Six is a little soft, actually, I expected it would have cracked the top 3. Come this fall, I’m sure it will be the dominating force it was last year.

Rounding out the countdown is on-again-off-again Drake, with returning favorites Michael Buble and Aventura, mixed in with none other than the Jonas Brothers. The JoBros have a summer concert tour planned that starts off in our general vicinity with shows in Dallas and San Antonio. It will be interesting to see if any real contest develops between the slightly more mature Jonas Brothers and current tween heartthrob Mr. Bieber.

1 5 Lady Gaga
2 Pearl Jam
3 3 WWE
4 1 Tool
5 4 Justin Bieber
7 Drake
8 Jonas Brothers
9 Michael Buble
10 Aventura