The Week in TicketCity Search – May 29th

Taylor Swift fans are definitely hungry to see the Fearless Tour, which has been selling out big market arenas across the country. Dates are currently available all the way through October, so there’s a lot time to get your tickets to see country’s latest pop sensation.

Blink-182 remains strong, and another blast from the recent past, No Doubt pops into the top 5 this week. Though the band was on hiatus for a while, front woman Gwen Stefani wasn’t exactly out of the public eye during that time, releasing a couple very successful solo albums. The band’s current tour has dates through August, and they are working on a new album for 2010.

Jonas Brothers, no stranger to some place on the top 10, also return to the higher side.

The NCAA may reserve a Byzantine bowl system for football, but in basketball, hockey, and baseball, they have good. ole ‘fashioned championships. The one for Division I baseball is the College World Series, and it’s number 6 this week. A little like March Madness, 64 teams go in, though they play in a double elimination bracket. These Regionals and the following Super Regionals finally bring 8 teams to Rosenblatt Stadium, as they have for the past 59 years, for a final double elimination round to decide the best college baseball team. It’s simplicity itself.

Idol, Coldplay, U2, and a resurgent WWE round out the top 10.

Current Rank Last Week Keyword
1 3 Taylor Swift
2 2 Blink-182
3 Jonas Brothers
4 No Doubt
5 6 Wicked
6 College World Series
7 4 American Idol
8 10 U2
9 7 Coldplay
10 WWE




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