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Jun. 25th
1 1 One Direction
2 3 Justin Bieber
3 4 Coldplay
4 7 Jason Aldean
5 5 Texas Rangers
6 Dallas Cowboys
7 Aerosmith
8 Real Madrid
9 Phish
10 Eric Church

Looks like this will be the summer of One Direction. Fans of the esteemed Mr. Bieber have not mounted a serious challenge to the Brit boy band’s dominance since dates for the Believe Tour arrived. The addition of newly minted pop star Carly Rae Jepsen as the Beeb’s opening act hasn’t made a dent in One Direction’s numbers. Wikipedia suggests Carly Rae wasn’t plucked from complete obscurity, as she placed 3rd on season 5 of Canadian Idol before incubating a few years prior to the success of “Call Me Maybe.”

Other fun facts Wikipedia will tell you is that Marie-Antoinette probably never said this.

Coldplay moves up a notch, Jason Aldean gains three of them, and the Rangers just hang out, finishing the top five in the same spot as last week. While all of the top five were holdovers from last week, the bottom five is completely fresh. Well, Phish may have an odd smell about them…

Two things about summer in Texas, it’s hot and it’s when Cowboys’ fans brim with optimism. The Boys open up the bottom five this week, as the NFL season gets steadily closer. The Aerosmith/Cheap Trick Global Warming tour lands at #7 this week.

Fans of international soccer are looking to see Real Madrid as they play a variety of dates around the US in August. They’ll be in LA, Vegas, and New York as well as other big stadiums around the US, playing the LA Galaxy, AC Milan, and other big teams.




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