The Week in TicketCity Search – November 6th

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Miley Cyrus Returns

“Interesting Times” indeed. Not just the punchline of a purported ancient Chinese curse or a good read by Terry Prachett, it describes the movement on the top 10 in recent weeks nicely. Not that I mind, makes it easier to write these things. One thing certainly hasn’t changed, that’s Taylor Swift’s recent dominance, which continues handily through this week as well.

It is all about music and football this week. The football arrives courtesy of 2 upcoming and hotly anticipated conference championships, one for the SEC and one for the Big 12. The Big 12 is certainly anticipated locally, as Austin’s own Longhorns are a favorite to attend at this point. The SEC because, well, it’s the SEC which has a habit of producing college football’s top teams year after year.

Miley missed the countdown so much she returned at #3, while Aventura and Bon Jovi both dropped thanks to the Longhorns and their championship hopes. AC/DC makes an appearance. They’ve been on tour for a while now, but it took a show at the Frank Irwin Center to put them up on the big board. A veritable institution of rock, they’ve been touring in support of their most recent release, Black Ice, which is just over a year old at this point.

1 1 Taylor Swift
2 Big 12 Championship
3 Miley Cyrus
4 Texas Longhorns
5 3 Aventura
6 2 Bon Jovi
8 Lady Gaga
9 7 KISS
10 SEC Championship




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