The Week in TicketCity Search – October 14th

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Week of
Oct. 10th
1 1 Texas Longhorns Football
2 10 Texas Rangers
3 3 Dallas Cowboys
4 6 Justin Bieber
5 3 Taylor Swift
6 2 Georgia Tech Football
7 8 Mississippi State Football
8 7 LSU Football
9 Detroit Tigers
10 Baylor Football

This week’s top 10 list is very similar to last week. The Longhorns come out on top once more, possibly with a bit of the residual TX-OU boost from last weekend. In part 2 of a very Texas top 3, we find the Rangers. They jumped up from #10 for reasons that should be clear. Their NLCS run against the Tigers will be over this weekend, one way or another. At #3 the Cowboys hang in there for another week.

Look who is climbing back up the charts to #4 this week: the esteemed Mr. Bieber. Can’t keep a pop star down, it would seem. Following close on his heels is Taylor Swift, who lost a couple spots this week, falling to #5 after peaking last week at #3.

The bottom five finds some of our recent and usual college football suspects. The Yellow Jackets, Bulldogs, and Tigers have been bouncing around the countdown for weeks now. They’re joined this week by Baylor, who squeeze into the #10 spot, just behind the other Tigers on the list, those from the Detroit.




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