The Week in TicketCity Search – October 16th

The Longhorns return to the top this week, though ACL hangs around at #2. Longhorn dominance was no doubt assured by the upcoming OU game this weekend. From what I’ve been told there’s something of a rivalry there. Rivalrous enough to be held on neutral ground in the Cotton Bowl in Dallas, in fact.

U2 remains steady, while Aventura makes room for Taylor Swift’s climb back up the chart. The Cowboys also climb a little higher, holding on from last week, while KISS returns again, trading places with the WWE whose brief return to the chart was very brief indeed.

In the “out of nowhere” department, there’s Owl City. Thankfully, Owl City is notable enough for inclusion by the Wiki gods. As much as people are prone to malign Wikipedia, man is it useful in cases like this. Owl City is a synthpop/electronica project started in 2007, headed up (and solely manned) by a guy named Adam Young. He was apparently heavily influenced by 80’s synthpop and New Wave music, which, judging by his age, means his mother played it for him in the womb. Owl City is on tour, with dates throughout the New Year, so feel free to check him out.

1 2 Texas Longhorns
2 1 ACL
3 3 U2
4 6 Taylor Swift
5 4 Aventura
6 8 Dallas Cowboys
8 5 Miley Cyrus
9 Owl City
10 Alabama Football




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