The Week in TicketCity Search – October 28th

TicketCity Week in Search

Week of
Oct. 24th
1 5 Taylor Swift
2 3 Texas Longhorns Football
3 9 Breeders Cup
4 4 Justin Bieber
5 1 Texas Rangers
6 2 World Series
7 6 Dallas Cowboys
8 Georgia Tech Football
9 8 Mississippi State Football
10 7 WWE

Interesting week, as nearly everyone on the countdown is a holdover from last week. Rare to see such a low level of “churn.” While Taylor Swift’s return to the top spot may seem surprising, it’s mostly the result of the World Series moving back to St. Louis. Fewer fans in Texas are going to make that particular commute.

The Series’ drop let the Longhorns move back to the #2 spot, and let the Breeders’ Cup make a big jump to the #3 spot. The Breeders’ Cup is a week away, still time to get your tickets and make some travel plans for Louisville.

The bottom five is pretty similar this week. The Cowboys drop a spot, and the Yellow Jackets, who had been absent after a good run, return this week as the countdown’s only “new” face. Mississippi State has hung in there for a while now, and keeps going this week. Rounding things out is the WWE, who benefited from some last minute searches last Monday.




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