The Week in TicketCity Search – October 8th

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Mr. deadmau5, I presume.

As I write this, it’s less than fifteen minutes before Two Tons of Steel are scheduled to kick off ACL Fest. In the week leading up to this weekend’s musical festivities, ACL became even hotter, blowing the proverbial doors off the top 10 and easily ending up on top. Second place goes to official ACL post show performer deadmau5. For those unfamiliar with even the barest hint of “leetspeak”, the “5” is an “s” and it’s pronounced “dead mouse”. Not only is this deadmau5′ first appearance on the countdown, it’s the first appearance of anyone prone to wearing a large mouse head on stage.

ACL headliners The Eagles slip into the #3 spot, giving the entire top 3 over to ACL. I’ll just insert the obligatory “Phish is also at ACL” sentence in here, since they managed to remain exactly where they were last week at #6. ACL did put a bit of a dampener on Lady Gaga, but it places her in prime position to recapture the top spot next week.

Random college football team slips in, as the Yellow Jackets enter the countdown for what I believe is their first time to round out the top 5. Numbers 6 and 7 remain unchanged from last week, while all the ACL action has pushed Drake down from 5 to 8. At the very tail end, the esteemed Mr. Bieber clings tenaciously to the countdown, flipping positions with Shakira from last week.

1 2 ACL Festival
2 deadmau5
3 Eagles
4 3 Lady Gaga
5 Georgia Tech Football
6 6 Phish
7 7 WWE
8 5 Drake
9 10 Justin Bieber
10 9 Shakira