The Week in TicketCity Search – Sept. 17th

Call it the revenge of the concert performers? Perhaps just that the buzz of football season openers have given way to the more reserved regular season. Either way, football teams have drifted off the list this week, replaced by a varied selection of performing artists. We also have our first tie in countdown history, at #1 no less. Since Phish are performing at ACL, it’s even more interesting. I can’t really count them as the same, since Phish are on tour and it’s not necessarily people looking for their gig at ACL.

Either way, our little local festival and Phish have successfully knocked the esteemed Mr. Bieber down. He’s joined by Jay-Z, who, along with Eminem two spots down, got a boost from their Home & Home Tour. Those shows have past, but they’ll be on tour again, I’m sure.

Football wasn’t completely banished from the list. The usual suspects, Longhorns and Cowboys, remain, at 5 and 7 respectively. They weren’t the only sporting contests on the countdown though. Thanks to a large local show, the UFC charted for what may have been the first time in countdown history.

1 (tie) 8 Phish
1 ACL Festival
3 2 Justin Bieber
4 Jay-Z
5 1 Texas Football
6 Eminem
7 3 Dallas Cowboys
8 10 Rush
10 Drake