The Week in TicketCity Search – September 23rd

Week of
Sept 19th
1 1 ACL Fest
2 2 Texas A&M Football
3 Journey
4 3 Mississippi State Football
5 4 Texas Longhorns Football
6 6 Dallas Cowboys
7 Georgia Tech Football
8 10 Justin Bieber
9 Adele
10 8 Alabama Football

ACL hangs onto the top of the list this week, on the strength of last weekend alone. The festival will likely pass out of the countdown next week. Lots of the TicketCity crew attended with rave reviews all around. I have it on good authority there were more than a few members of the team at the #3 event on the countdown this week as well.

Journey’s show last night at the Frank Erwin Center likely caused their surge to the top three this week. Fear not if you missed them, they’ll be hanging around Texas this weekend, playing shows in Dallas and Woodlands.

College football remains the biggest force on the countdown once more this week, though concert performers are creeping back to the top as the fever pitch of the early season dies down a bit. The Cowboys likewise remain steady at #6.

Taylor Swift couldn’t hold on this week, leaving the countdown for the first time in quite a while. She gives up her seat to previous countdown stalwart, Adele, who returns in that #9 spot.




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