The Week in TicketCity Search – September 4th

Another fairly big shake up, though one that isn’t all that unexpected. The Texas Longhorns take college football to the top of the countdown, as this weekend is Texas’ season opener against Louisiana-Monroe right here at DKR Memorial Stadium. Local Austinites are welcome to drop by the TicketCity tailgate, located on San Jacinto, 1 block South of MLK. Look for the large blue TicketCity trailer, large green TicketCity truck, tents, and banners. Good times are had by all, as photos from last year’s inaugural tailgate indicate.

A recent stranger to the top 5, Miley Cyrus returns, while demand for Taylor Swift tickets only ebbs a bit, and she drops to #3. Lil Wayne and U2 eclectically round out the top 5. The US Open just got underway this week, so the United States primer tennis championship found its way into the bottom 5. The tournament is 2 weeks of the best tennis in the world, and there’s more than enough time to secure some great tickets to the later rounds.

Finally, our newcomer this week is bit more recognizable stateside than Kings of Leon were last week. That would be Kiss. Though Kiss haven’t exactly been absent the touring circuit for some time, they haven’t released any new material in 11 years, since Psycho Circus, which, naturally, I remember more for the first-person shooter tie-in game than the album itself. (Have fun Wikisurfing from there, I recommend Ion Storm to start.) The new album, Sonic Boom, is set to drop in October, so interest in the band’s upcoming tour is spiking in anticipation.

1 9 Texas Longhorns
2 10 Miley Cyrus
3 2 Taylor Swift
4 Lil Wayne
5 U2
6 US Open
7 1 Wicked
9 6 Dallas Cowboys
10 5 Alabama Football




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