The Week in TicketCity Search – Swift Bowling

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Week of
Dec. 10th
1 6 Taylor Swift
2 Justin Bieber
3 3 One Direction
4 1 BCS Bowl
5 2 Cotton Bowl
6 Dallas Cowboys
7 Bon Jovi
8 Luke Bryan
9 Outback Bowl
10 8 Orange Bowl

I’d wax poetic about that candle-burning-brightly-but-not-lasting-long thing, but I can’t remember the quote exactly. Meh, that was inspiring enough, right? The candle in this horribly wounded metaphor is bowl game listings on the top ten in this very blog post. Not completely spent, but certainly not the force they were last week. There are only four bowls left, with the BCS the best placing at #4.

The brighter flames on the countdown are the ones we may be seeing vying for the top spot for months to come. This week it’s Taylor Swift, so girl power gets the drop on the Y-chromosome set.

Moving to the bottom five, Cowboys fans are looking to see those last few games, as the Boys have a chance to reach the postseason. They’re followed by Bon Jovi, who will need to bring their a-game if they plan to crack the top 3. Like the other contenders, Bon Jovi will be on the road this spring, touring in support of their to-be-released album, What About Now.

Luke Bryan rounds things out on the concert side, while the Outback Bowl squeezes in an appearance for the season, and the Orange Bowl drops two spots to last place this week.




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