The Week in TicketCity Search – Taking Back Those Directions

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Week of
Jun. 11th
1 2 One Direction
2 1 Justin Bieber
3 College World Series
4 4 Coldplay
5 8 Miami Heat
6 5 OKC Thunder
7 9 Jason Aldean
8 Texas Rangers
9 US Grand Prix
10 6 Kenny Chesney

Stunning reversal in the battle for tween pop supremacy. Beliebers are retreating on all fronts under a reinvigorated push by the five boy British Invasion that is One Direction. Results were close once more this week, but when the dust cleared, One Direction returned to the top. I figured with the sound victory last week, the esteemed Mr. Bieber would be on top for the foreseeable future.

Then again, I reason I’m not the best person to forecast trends in tween pop.

One of two championships on the countdown this week, the College World Series, enters the countdown at #3. Game 1 starts today at the shiny, almost new TD Ameritrade Park. This is year two at this park, after Rosenblatt Stadium passed the torch. Winner of the past 2 CWS, South Carolina, is once again in the running this year. The Stony Brook Seawolves are playing the Cinderella card this year, having defeated powerhouse LSU in the regionals to advance to the CWS, a first for an America East Conference team.

The NBA Finals settle into the center of the countdown. The Heat have a slight edge here, but only just tied up the series. This is the Heat’s second trip to the Finals with LeBron, where they’ve been defeated once. There’s at least three more games to go before LeBron will know if he’s got something fill that empty spot on his mantle place.

The US Grand Prix makes its inaugural appearance on the countdown. The latest, greatest incarnation of this F1 racing event will be in our backyard, at the Circuit of the Americas in Austin. The Formula One Expo is going on in Austin this weekend, where TicketCity will have some folks who can answer your questions in person. Or you can look at the really cool cars, either way. The Expo will certainly wet your appetite for the race, which isn’t until November, ample time to get your tickets to this bit of racing history.




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