The Week in TicketCity Search – The Direction Back

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Week of
Sept. 10th
1 1 Longhorns Football
2 2 Mississippi State Football
3 7 One Direction
4 3 Dallas Cowboys
5 4 Kevin Hart
6 Tennessee Football
7 5 Arkansas Football
8 Justin Bieber
9 Bruce Springsteen
10 8 Houston Texans

Top 2 remain unchanged yet again this week. A strong run for both teams. As if to remind us they can’t be counted out yet, One Direction boomerangs back to the #3 spot after falling into the bottom five last week. In doing so they kick last week’s entries down a notch. The Cowboys and Kevin Hart both fall one place, rounding out the top five.

Some very familiar faces return this week to the bottom five, though we kick off with a little variety in college football. This week it’s the Volunteers of that other “UT”. The Razorbacks were the victim of One Direction’s return, making room from them in the top five and taking over the #7 spot they vacated. Similar to 1D, the esteemed Mr. Bieber reminds us he, too, may not be counted out just yet, reemerging fairly quickly to assume the #8 spot this week..

Also returning, The Boss appears at #9. Springsteen’s tour has drifted in and out of the top ten ever since it began. Not one to shy away from a heavy touring schedule, his Wrecking Ball Tour continues through at least December, though chances are it may go on even longer. There’s been no shortage of interest in the veteran rocker’s show, and he continues to sell out venues worldwide.




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