The Week in TicketCity Search – The Goggles Did Nothing

TicketCity Week in Search

Week of
Feb. 18t
1 1 Beyoncé
2 5 One Direction
3 4 Taylor Swift
4 3 San Antonio Rodeo
5 7 Pink
6 8 Justin Bieber
7 Rihanna
8 6 Bruno Mars
10 Jimmy Buffett

Apparently the half-life of the average Fall Out Boy is pretty short. The radioactive frenzy for Fall Out Boy tickets departed faster than a gamma ray through Marie Curie. Beyoncé comfortably endures in her fallout sheltered top spot. The boys from Britain swing back into second place after a rocky couple of weeks, and Taylor Swift moves back into third after a more graceful one point drop.

The San Antonio Rodeo continues to hold onto the top 5, cheating a bit by actually “happening right now.” You’ve got until the weekend to check out the shows. Darius Rucker closes out the entertainment portion of the show on the 23rd. The rodeo finals are on the 24th.

Bieber enjoys a bit of a rebound as well, though smaller and just enough to lead off the bottom five this week. He’s joined by Rihanna, whose Diamonds Tour will open in March. The opening act in the US will be A$AP Rocky, with David Guetta a possible opener for the European leg of the tour. That won’t start up until June, so Rihanna fans state-side will have ample to catch her between now and then.

Bruno Mars clings to the #8 spot after sliding a couple notches, and, with Wrestlemania fast approaching, the WWE returns to the countdown at #9. Considering they’ve already started hyping next year’s Wrestlemania, this one will probably be a great deal. As for next year’s show at the Superdome, I’m sure they’ll exercise the sort of tasteful restraint they’re known for when promoting a show using the Roman numerals for 30.