The Week in TicketCity Search – This Week’s 80s Fashion Dispatch

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May 6th
1 3 Taylor Swift
2 2 One Direction
3 8 Paul McCartney
4 Justin Timberlake
5 7 Beyoncé
6 George Strait
7 Bruno Mars
8 9 Justin Bieber
9 ACL Fest
10 Maroon 5

Homecoming week here on the countdown, as a lot of former top performers crowd in. A homecoming of sorts for Taylor Swift, who returns to the #1 spot after some time. She’s never been too far from the top for many months, and the momentum of the Red Tour only appears to be strengthening. Various lads from that most United of Kingdoms round out the top 3.

Popping into fourth place is Justin Timberlake. Timerlake’s Legends of Summer Tour with Jay-Z is already booked. His recent pop is thanks to the announcement of the tour after that one. Following a short break, Timberlake goes solo for The 20/20 Experience World Tour. That gets underway in October, and will be keeping fans warm throughout the cooler months into 2014.

Beyoncé rounds out the top 5 and George Strait opens the bottom 5. His big June 1st Alamodome concert will likely ensure we’ll be seeing him for the next few weeks. Bruno Mars, who had a short, but solid top 3 run, returns at #7, where’s he is followed by current bottom 5 fixture, the esteemed Mr. Bieber.

Timberlake’s next tour wasn’t the only announcement this week. The 2013 ACL Fest lineup was announced at midnight on the 7th and resulted in a frenzy of early interest. Headliners this year appeal to the usual eclectic variety of fans, and include Depeche Mode, Kings of Leon, The Cure, Eric Church, and Muse.

For the element of that eclectic variety that may not be quite so aware of why Depeche Mode is headlining (or that they existed), here’s a little ditty from 1984 I saw played on MTV! (Weird, right? I mean… music, on MTV). Enjoy the hair…




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