The Week in TicketCity Search – Time Goes in One Direction

TicketCity Week in Search

Week of
Sept. 3rd
1 1 Longhorns Football
2 2 Mississippi State Football
3 5 Dallas Cowboys
4 8 Kevin Hart
5 4 Arkansas Football
6 Texas A&M Football
7 3 One Direction
8 6 Houston Texans
9 US Open Tennis
10 Auburn Football

Football cleans up easily this week. Securing the top 3 spots and 70% of the countdown real estate, it certainly seems things are well underway. Both regular season NFL and college games have officially begun, and our top 2 have officially been unchanged for a month now. Things did wobble a bit this week, as the Cowboy faithful push The Boys to #3.

During a tough week, Kevin Hart turned in an impressive showing to land in the #4 spot, beating even One Direction, who fell to #7. Interestingly, both were at the VMA’s this week, with Hart hosting and 1D performing. The UK boy band took home a few spacemen in the process. One of them commented they’d “grown up watching this show.” Now I feel old, thanks. Hart will be back on the road soon after the VMA gig, starting later this month in Indianapolis.

Staggering in a little late to the party is the US Open, which is quite nearly over. The championships will all be played this weekend, barring weather of the inclement variety. The Open had been ongoing for over a week now, but hadn’t cracked the top 10. News that this would be former Open champion’s Andy Roddick’s final tournament before retiring may have helped boost interest.




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