The Week in TicketCity Search – Two Festivals for the Price of Two!

TicketCity Week in Search

Week of
Oct. 15t
1 3 Mississippi State Football
2 6 George Strait
3 4 Justin Bieber
4 5 One Direction
5 1 ACL Fest
6 Texas Football
7 Detroit Tigers
8 10 Houston Texans
9 Florida Football
10 6 W Virginia Football

Not a lot of change in the top five this week. Of course, the biggest is the ACL Fest, expectedly, dropping from the top spot and landing at #5. That showing is mostly on the strength of last weekend’s searches. While you’ve got a while until the next ACL, you’ll have more chances to get there. They announced, like Coachella, they’ll be doubling up and doing two weekends instead of one next year.

George Strait was the big winner this week, putting those young whippersnappers in their place as he climbs over them from #6 last week. His latest, and last, tour is generating a lot of buzz.

The aforementioned whippersnappers both gain a spot from the ACL drop, with the touring Bieber maintaining the same slim lead over 1D he’s had for a few weeks now.

The bottom five is all sports, mostly college football. The Tigers put in an appearance as they steamroll the Yankees on their way to a berth in The World Series, their first since 2006. Over in the NL, St. Louis could settle things tonight and make the match-up official. Either way, the World Series will be underway October 24th.




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