The Week in TicketCity Search – Up and Atom, Almost

TicketCity Week in Search

Week of
Feb. 11t
1 1 Beyoncé
2 Fall Out Boy
3 4 San Antonio Rodeo
4 3 Taylor Swift
5 2 One Direction
6 Bruno Mars
7 8 Pink
8 7 Justin Bieber
9 Pearl Jam
10 Houston Rodeo

Beyoncé crushes the competition this week in a win by a very wide margin. She cracked four digits in this week’s total, a rare feat and one that leaves the competition in the dust… at the bottom of a canyon. The rest of the top five put in what, any other week, would have been exemplary performances, starting off with the debut of countdown newcomer Fall Out Boy.

Fall Out Boy is back from a three year break with an upcoming new album, Save Rock and Roll, and tour to promote it. The album won’t drop until April and the tour doesn’t start up until May, but after a three year wait, fans of the alt rock quartet are eager to get tickets for their return. We will see how much staying power they have over the next few weeks.

Rodeos figured out how to coexist on the countdown this week, even if there’s a bit of a gap. San Antonio gains a spot for #3, and Houston just makes it by securing the #10 spot. One could give Houston a break, as Bruno Mars’ show there seems to have driven his appearance in the #6 spot.

Pearl Jam sneaks into the bottom 5 as fans search for some seats to a single show at Wrigley Field. Those who can’t make the Wrigley Field show do have one other option, you just need to get to London. It’s not as bad as you think, though, it’s London, Ontario. There are unconfirmed plans for a far fuller concert tour in the fall of 2013, so your options may open up with a little patience.