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Week of
Aug. 6th
1 4 Longhorns Football
2 8 Mississippi State Football
3 1 One Direction
4 10 Real Madrid
5 6 Arkansas Football
6 3 Justin Bieber
7 9 Jason Aldean
9 5 KISS
10 Texas Rangers

Color me surprised. If you’d bet me 1D would keep the top spot throughout football season, I would have taken that bet. See, now you’re out a free lunch…

Yes, August has dawned and college football clobbers the teens from England, sending them down not one, but two spots to #3. This is a fairly auspicious occasion, as One Direction has owned the countdown since early spring. I had just given up on trying to write title puns for them. Who knew all I had to do was wait another week?

Real Madrid surges back after a little dip to the bottom, heading up to #4, a number you won’t see much in the average soccer game score. College football rounds out the top 5, with the Razorbacks climbing one spot from last week.

Most of our former concert powerhouses populate the bottom five. Some guy named Bieber kicks things off at #6 this week, after falling another 3 spots. Jason Aldean squeaks out a small comeback, after falling from great heights he climbs back to the #7 spot this week. The world of scripted sporting events returns again, as the WWE hits #8. To quote a line from the ’96 remake of Sgt. Bilko: “I like a sporting event in which I know the outcome ahead of time. It’s more organized.”




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