The WNBA owns you all.

Alright. I can’t stand it anymore. The WNBA is getting completely beat down recently. I’m not a huge fan, but I respect a good sporting event when I see it.

Look here, everything that is wrong with the NBA, from the players that don’t give a hoot because they’re already guaranteed $10,000,000, to the NBA commissioner who doesn’t give a hoot about anything but TV ratings, the WNBA gets right. WNBA players are ultra-competitive, and games aren’t scoring blowouts, but you know what? I get bored watching overgrown adult men tiredly ramble up and down a floor at half speed for 32 minutes and basically let the other team score so they can go get another half-hearted, 1 on 1 shot opportunity in hopes of putting up their “20 and 10” and making Sports Center and possibly even that Adidas deal. Screw that. That’s what 80% of the NBA season is for 80% of the teams, and that’s just not fun to watch for me anymore.

The WNBA however, isn’t any of that crap. The WNBA is refreshing for it’s fans, and that’s why they will pay their hard earned money to go and support it. If YOU don’t like it, IGNORE it. It doesn’t sound that hard. And if there’s a select few people out there reading this that the female basketball league is inherently not as good as the male basketball league, I have a word for you: prejudice.

So don’t hate. Buy tickets.