Third Time’s A Charm

Danica Patrick remains a big story wherever she races, but she’s still looking for a podium finish, let alone a victory in the IndyCar Series. Her new team could help her make history Sunday. Patrick became a household name after almost winning the Indianapolis 500 as a rookie in 2005 when she finished fourth. For the first time in history, a woman had a legitimate shot at winning the biggest open-wheel race in America. Almost everyone thought the day was coming soon when a woman would win a major racing event. Two years later, we’re still waiting. Patrick’s sophomore season didn’t live up to expectations for her or anyone else, so she signed with Andretti Green Racing knowing expectations would grow. The transition hasn’t been easy. Her best finish in the first four races this year is seventh at Kansas City last month. Patrick says she is learning there are many things she didn’t know and she’s learning there’s a reason, beyond money, why the top teams are better than the others. A lot of things have changed for Patrick. Now she’s with a top team in her third season and it’s time to win!!