AEW poised to disrupt Pro Wrestling

AEW, or All Elite Wrestling, is a professional wrestling promotion company founded by Tony and Shahid Khan. That family name is sure to ring bells with sports fans who will recognize him as the owner of the Jacksonville Jaguars. (Readers across the pond will recommend him as Premiere League owner of London’s Fulham team.) The elder Khan, who made his fortune in the auto parts industry, is no stranger to upsetting an existing market.

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All Elite Wrestling, founded in 2019

All Elite Wrestling is our top-selling performer today, besting popular acts like the Dodgers, Hamilton, Jonas Brothers and Elton John.

TicketCity sales data for June 14th, 2019

The heavy activity today comes from AEW All Out event this August in Chicago, but AEW Fyter Fest (I see what you did there) in Daytona Beach is showing strong demand.

Forbes recently wrote about major wrestling stars interest in the new league. AEW reports to have a more friendly road schedule, more creative control and more room to get exposure. With other major wrestling leagues locking up so much talent under contract, the marketplace was ripe for a new league.

AEW Founding: All Elite

That’s right where the Khan’s come in. Partnering with former Ring of Honor wrestlers Cody Rhodes, Matt Jackson and Nick Jackson (The Young Bucks), the group launched All Elite Wrestling in January 2019. In May, AEW held their first event– a pay-per-view affair– Double of Nothing. It didn’t take long for the group to grow and become a force in professional wrestling.

All Elite Wresting has also signed a deal with TNT Network, scheduled to start in 2019. The TV time gives AEW capability to be a major player in the wrestling world. They aren’t there yet, but if demand for their Fyter Fest and All Out events show, there’s plenty of demand from fans.

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