How to Score College Football Championship Game Tickets

So you want to go to the 2020 College Football Playoff National Championship Game?  We at TicketCity have put together this guide to go over all of your options for buying tickets to the 2020 CFP Championship Game in New Orleans.

Playoff Premium

If money is no object buying a premium package directly from the College Football Playoff comes with perks, but at a price.  The prices tend to be double what can be found on secondary marketplaces. The lowest priced packages start at $2,000 and include upper level game tickets, pre-game hospitality and a $50 merchandise coupon.  For $4,700 you can sit between the 40 yard lines in the 100 or 200 level, enjoy pregame hospitality, unlimited food and beverages during the game, a postgame on field experience, and a ticket to Taste of the Championship, a gourmet food tasting event held on Saturday before the game.

Participating Universities

If you are lucky enough to be a season ticket holder and/or a donor of a team in the CFP Championship you may be able to purchase tickets directly from your team at face value ($425-$875).  The option to purchase, number of seats, and location of the seats is typically determined by your personal loyalty rank. Years as a season ticket holder, annual and lifetime donations are typically the strongest factors in determining priority by the universities.  Many teams send out bowl applications in late October with deadlines as early as late November. Be sure to respond on time if you want your request to reflect your hard earned priority with your university.


An RSVP is very similar to a stock option.  RSVP’s are team specific and allow the purchaser the option to purchase a ticket at face value should their team qualify for the National Championship Game.  There are two RSVP classes available, upper corner and lower level endzone. If an RSVP team does not advance to the Championship game, there are no refunds and the option will have no value once the RSVP team is eliminated.  The value of the RSVPs are market driven and are affected by expected fan base demand coupled with the respective team’s probability to qualify for the game. If an RSVP team has not been officially eliminated RSVP holders have the option to relist for sale their RSVP(s) for any price they wish.

Secondary Market 

TicketCity, TicketMaster and Stubhub all offer large, secure marketplaces with 1000’s of authentic tickets available for purchase. A major advantage of dealing with marketplaces is selection. Marketplaces offer the broadest selection of seats.  If you value service TicketCity and Stubhub both keep long hours 7 days a week.  All of the marketplaces mentioned above offer strong buyer protections and 100% guarantee all orders.  The major differences between these marketplaces are fee structures, availability of discounts, and there will be some inventory that is exclusive to each marketplace.  

If you are feeling adventurous message boards, Craigslist, OfferUp, Facebook marketplace, and other classified ads sites still get a share of tickets, but scams can be rampant and there are few if any buyer protections.

Random Ticket Drawing

It’s too late for the 2020 College Football Championship Game. However, here’s a primer for next year. Anyone can enter a lottery for the right to purchase two tickets at face value(upper endzone only).  This application process begins sometime after the CFP Championship Game is played and closes late spring. In 2019, it closed on May 31st.  Lottery sign-up information is typically disseminated via the CFP’s social channels.  If you are selected you’ll be notified in the fall and at that point will be required to pay for your tickets.  Ticket transferability may be limited. Make sure to read the fine print if you may not be able to attend the game personally before completing the purchase.

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