MLB 2020 Season Schedule & 2021 Opening Day

Opening Day set for April 1, 2021

The 2020 MLB season is happening now, but fans have not yet been allowed in the stands. With the prospects uncertain whether baseball fans will be able to attend games this season, Major League Baseball released the schedule for 2021.

Are you ready to get out to the ballpark? Every game for the 2021 MLB season is listed on TicketCity and each game has tickets available to purchase today. Opening Day for 2021 has been set for April 1st. The full schedule of 2021 Opening Day games is available and already rank among our top selling sporting events. Demand for Opening Day is always strong; in a normal year the average ticket price on the first game of the season is nearly 50% higher than ticket price for the rest of the opening month of the MLB season.

Top Games of 2020 MLB Season

What are the big games of the 2020 MLB season? We breakdown the new, shortened schedule to highlight those games that every baseball fan will want to see. We also try to answer the big question on every baseball fan’s minds like: Will fans be allowed to games this year?

2020 is another critical season for Major League Baseball, as there have been numerous articles in recent years about attendance declines and a season without fans (or limited attendance) will certainly hurt the brand of professional baseball. But prior to Coronavirus shutting things down, we had experienced a 20% increase in demand for MLB tickets coming into the 2020 season. Baseball has a chance with the new 60 game season, where every game counts, to reinvigorate fans and attract new ones. This could be the year that MLB really starts to return to its former glory as America’s National Pastime.

The schedule for the upcoming 2020 MLB season has been shortened to just 60 games, which means that every single one matters in the standings. Each MLB team will face their division rivals 40 times over this season and then play an additional 20 Interleague games against their closest opponents from the opposite conference. Below are just a few of the top games for the upcoming season.

  • Mar 26: Original Opening Day
  • Jul 14: 2020 MLB All-Star Game at Dodger Stadium
  • Jul 23: Yankees vs Nationals (new Opening Day)
  • Jul 24: Rockies vs Rangers (Globe Life Park opener)
  • Jul 31: Yankees vs Red Sox
  • Aug 7: Cubs vs Cardinals
  • Aug 11: Cubs vs Indians
  • Aug 13: Cardinals vs White Sox in Iowa (the Field of Dreams Game)
  • Sep 7: Cardinals vs Cubs
  • Sep 12: Astros vs Dodgers
  • Sep 20: Yankees vs Red Sox
  • Sep 27: Last Day of 2020 Season

MLB Pauses International Games

Last season the Red Sox vs Yankees in London was a huge success, so everyone expected this year’s Cubs and Cardinals to continue that tradition. Unfortunately MLB decided to cancel the International Games in London and Puerto Rico for 2020.

Field of Dreams Game 2020 is August 13

Everyone who loves baseball remembers the classic line from the movie Field of Dreams when he says “What is this heaven? No, it’s Iowa“. Well MLB decided to follow in Hollywood’s footsteps in setting up a game in the famous cornfield in Iowa where the movie took place. The was originally scheduled to occur on August 13, 2020 between the New York Yankees and Chicago White Sox, but will now be the St. Louis Cardinals vs Chisox on that same date. The game will be played on a field the league is building in Iowa in the cornfield, so this is one that MLB fans looking for a once-in-a-lifetime experience will not want to miss.

2020 Interleague Match-ups Set

Interleague match-ups in 2020 were originally the AL East versus the NL Central, the AL Central versus NL West, and the AL West versus NL East. In addition to these games, there will be all of the usual Interleague rivalry games like the Cubs vs White Sox and Mets vs Yankees. With the new, shortened MLB schedule for 2020 the Interleague games will now be regionally based with teams playing those in the division closest to them (e.g.- AL West vs NL West).

Globe Life Field (Finally) Opens July 24th

In what has to be the longest waiting to debut for a new sports venue, the brand new stadium for the Texas Rangers, Globe Life Field, opens its doors on July 24th against the Colorado Rockies. The original Rangers original Opening Day for their new ballpark was set for Tuesday, March 31st against the Anaheim Angels, but pushed back due to Coronavirus.

The new Opening Day will look much different than originally planned, principally because there will be no fans in the stands to see the new building open. The new park will feature an artificial turf field and a retractable roof, which will keep Texas fans cool during those hot Summer days in Arlington. It replaces Globe Life Park, which is located just next door to Globe Life Field and was home of the Rangers since 1994. Once fans are allowed in, they should love the new building.

2020 MLB All-Star Game Cancelled

The Major League Baseball All-Star Game is not happening this year. The game was originally scheduled to be played in Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles, but has been cancelled due to Coronavirus. MLB is likely to award Los Angeles the 2022 All-Star Game, since the 2021 MLB All-Star Game is already scheduled to be played at Truist Park in Atlanta, Georgia.

Will Fans Be Allowed to Attend MLB Games in 2020?

While it is too early yet to say what exactly will happen, we are expecting fans to be allowed in attendance at MLB games during the 2020 season. That is based on what we are hearing from sources inside certain MLB teams, as well as, from team owners who have been quoted saying they expect to play with some fans in the stands. MLB has said they will continue to monitor the situation and evaluate when it may be safe to allow some fans to attend. So for now, we will all have to continue to wait.