MLB 2023 Opening Day Sales Study

“How can I get the best deal on MLB tickets?” is a question we often get at TicketCity. Since we’ve been in business for 33 years, we decided to look back at past sales data to see if there are any trends or guidance for Opening Day 2023.

TicketCity Marketplace Data

TicketCity’s historical sales, network of sellers and industry partners has allowed us to accumulate a large warehouse of ticket-related data over our 30-plus years in business. For this study, we looked at MLB regular season ticket sales prices since the end of the MLB season in 2022. We then compared those sales across our network of sellers to the MLB sales from the previous season and then looked at the sales team-by-team.

What we found was that ticket sales were higher for more than half of MLB’s 30 teams. Additionally, the number of tickets sold this year in the week before Opening Day was 12% higher than the number of tickets sold last year.

According to Fox News, over 64 million baseball fans attended a regular-season game last year. Based on the increase in sales before opening day compared to last year, we can estimate attendance this year will be 65,854,655 which would be more an improvement over last year but a far cry from pre-pandemic peak attendance.

TicketCity has worked with industry and academic partners on data research projects. If you have a project where you think TicketCity’s data could help, please fill our our Event Data Request form. Someone from our team will reach out and discuss available data and data privacy and sharing requirements.