What are Flash Seats, and How do I use Them?

NOTE: As of August 30, 2020 Flash Seats is known as AXS Mobile ID.  If you are searching for information on AXS Mobile ID or Flash Mobile, you’ll need to download the new AXS app.  The AXS app will walk you through the mobile delivery process.

Flash Seat are one of the most common types of tickets on the market today. While Flash Seats are incredibly convenient for fans, they can also be a bit confusing if you have never used them before. Below is a complete guide to what flash seats are, and how to use them.

What are Flash Seats?

Flash Seats are similar to etickets, in that they replace the hard or paper tickets needed to enter a venue. But there are some key differences. When you purchase a ticket that is a Flash Seat, you won’t receive a PDF version of the tickets. Instead, Flash Seats is an ID based digital ticketing system. What that means, is that your tickets will be stored on the magnetic strip on the back of a credit card, drivers license, or in the Flash Seats app. Your credit card, drivers license, or the Flash Seats app will now serve as your tickets on the day of the event. Simply present your chosen ID to the gate attendant just like a paper ticket. To have your tickets tied to a credit card, drivers license, or the Flash Seats app, fans will need to create a Flash Seats account that the tickets can be transferred to. That process is detailed below.

How do I use Flash Seats?

1. Create an account

After purchasing tickets that are flash seats, the first thing that fans should do is to create a Flash Seats account. Creating an account is simple and can be done here. Once you have an account, you have the option to enter in either credit card or drivers license information. If you choose to enter a credit card, don’t worry, your card will not be charged. Entering credit card information is done so that, that card can serve as the ID that you will need to present at the gate. In our experience, using a credit card is slightly more reliable, as the magnetic strips on the back of credit cards tend to work better than those on drivers license.

2. Transfer the tickets

After you have created your account, update TicketCity with your account information, and the tickets will be transferred to you. On the day of the event, all you will need to do is bring the ID that you have chosen to the gate. It’s that easy.

Common questions about Flash Seats

“Will any tickets be shipped to me? How do I print the tickets?” – No tickets are shipped and there are no PDFs to print. Tickets are stored on the magnetic strip of the identifier card used to setup Flash Seats account or in the Flash Seats app.

“Where do I go when I get to the stadium?” – Ticketholders should go straight to the gate, not will call, to gain entrance. Gate attendants will swipe identifier cards or scan barcodes from smartphones for those who use the Flash Seats app.

“I bought the tickets but they’re not in my FS account?” – TicketCity transfers tickets once we are notified by the client both the name and email address for the Flash Seats account that will be used to attend the game.

“Is this reliable?” – Extremely reliable. Tickets cannot be in two accounts at the same time and cannot be stolen from an account, so they are incredibly secure.

“If I cannot use the tickets, can I give them to someone else?” – Tickets can be transferred to other Flash Seats accounts, so they can have anyone setup an account and transfer to them.

“I live outside the United States. How do I use Flash Seats?” – You must have a U.S. or Canadian address and license or credit card to sign-up for a Flash Seats account.