TicketCity welcomes Ricardo Sanchez!

This week we welcomed a great new member to our TicketCity team, Ricardo Sanchez.  Ricardo is joining TicketCity as our new Senior .NET Software Engineer.  Ricardo is an accomplished developer who has had numerous articles published and is a member of INETA and LISTA.  Ricardo has been in Central Texas the last few years after moving here from Minnesota.

Welcome aboard, Ricardo!

If you are interesting in joining our team at TicketCity, please visit the Careers page on our website.  We post new openings on our website throughout the year.  TicketCity was founded in 1990 and is one of the top ticket companies in the World.  We offer competitive salary and benefits package, along with an array of unique perks that come from working in our industry.  TicketCity has a staff of 35+ employees, in Austin, Texas, who work together to provide the best service and expert recommendations for our clients. Most importantly we respect and reward the people who work at TicketCity, which is why we have been honored multiple times by the Austin Business Journal with their Best Places to Work in Austin award.




As TicketCity’s President, Zach leads company operations and long term strategic direction. With 20+ years of experience in the ticket industry, Zach enjoys talking with people about new technologies and trends that continue to improve the fan experience.