Ticketcity.com Announces New Affiliate Program: Pay-per-click option added to menu of options in the TicketCity.com Affiliate Marketing Program.

Austin, TX (February 20, 2007) – In 2004, O’Reilly Media coined the phrase “Web 2.0” in reference to the growing number of second-generation web tools (i.e. blogs, social networking sites like MySpace, etc.) propagating within the Internet. These new communities are meeting places for people of like interest and give rise to highly targeting marketing strategies, chief among them the affiliate marketing program.

First launched on a large scale by Amazon.com, the affiliate program is an advertising method used by online retailers in which other websites are rewarded for referrals that convert to sales in the form of commissions.

The affiliate marketing model continues to grow in popularity, primarily because it is a pure performance-based model. With no set-up fees and little to no maintenance, online businesses, even those not revenue-generating in nature, can earn money by simply referring their visitors to a related retailer. When that referral purchases, the purchase is tracked and the referring business is rewarded with commission.

For TicketCity.com, this means websites (many of whom are smaller, regionalized ticket brokers) filter their captive audiences to the TicketCity.com site, where the browser can then purchase tickets to a wide variety of events, from the Super Bowl to the Kentucky Derby to the US Open to the Houston Rodeo. What’s more, they can filter the users directly to an event-specific portal, with a range of banners to choose from of multiple themes and differing sizes.

Traditionally, the forwarding site only received commissions on those transactions that were “click-thru”, meaning that the visitor actually made a purchase at the end of the process (often called a “conversion”). But TicketCity.com is taking that model one step further, following the lead of major pay-per-click affiliate programs like that of Google.

TicketCity.com is the first in their industry to take this step.

“If I’m willing to pay Google fifty cents every time they send me a potential customer, why wouldn’t I offer the same consideration to our affiliate partners?” says TicketCity.com CEO Randy Cohen.

TicketCity.com affiliates continue to receive the 5% commission on all click-thru sells, but also enjoy a fifty cent pay-per-click revenue stream, regardless of whether the visitor purchases tickets.

“We want our affiliates to know they are valued as a partner,” adds Cohen.

It is, of course, still converting traffic that earns affiliates the larger commissions. With TicketCity.com’s average web sale ranging from $500 to $600, affiliates earn almost $30 in profit every time a transaction is completed from their site. Under the old affiliate program, some partners earned as much at $5000 a month in commissions. These numbers are expected to grow under the new program as total sales for TicketCity.com grows as well.

“What our affiliates really appreciate is our system of pay out. Assuming the affiliate’s commission is at least twenty dollars, commissions are paid on the first of every month. There continues to be no set-up costs or fees to join as an affiliate.”

Accurate data is provider to the affiliate as well, including when orders were placed, total cost and earned commissions.

This is all part of a larger TicketCity.com website renewal project, scheduled for completion Spring 2007. With several new features, the country’s first online ticket retailer continues to be at the forefront of the industry.

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