Tiger Is Back

Yesterday it was announced that after knee surgery and the arrival of his new son, Charlie Axel, on February 8th, Tiger Woods will make his return to the PGA Tour next week at the Accenture Match Play Championship in Arizona.  Clearly this was big news and fans were excited.  The Tour was excited.  But what did the players think?

I thought the other Tour players might be a bit deflated that the phenom would be coming back to dominate and steal the scene once again.  Nope. 

Thought they might be a little let down knowing that their chances to come out on top in tournament play just got slimmer.  Not even.  (I know there’s the knee, but come on, it’s Tiger. ) 

Certinaly thought they would be a little irked at all the attention the Tour and the Accenture Match Play Championship would get now that Tiger’s back, yet they’d been there all along.  Not a chance. 

What did the players think and openly express?  That the Tour is cooler with Tiger.  That the Tour hurts without him. That Tiger’s return is some really good news in this crappy economy. 

Next week will certainly be something to see, for the Tour players and the fans.  In an online survey by Newsvine, 41% of fans (at time of posting) are already betting he’ll win the event.  So golf fans, get your tickets for this year’s tournaments now while they can be still be found.  Hmmm, maybe Tiger can single-handedly pump a little life back into this economy…