Tiger on a Sunday

If we take a look at the road Tiger Woods has traveled in the past 3 years, we can draw one conclusion: It was a bumpy one. His personal life was turned upside down and broadcast to the entire world, endorsements were lost, and his golf game was nearly destroyed. Now I am not here to judge or point the finger at what’s right or wrong, because frankly I don’t think it’s any of my business. I am here to talk about how Tiger Woods proved he’s still the world’s best golf player in the final round of the AT&T National on Sunday.

Before I get into the swing that captured the title of Play of the Week, let’s see exactly what Tiger’s win achieved. First and foremost, it gave him 74 PGA Tour wins out of 271 starts in his professional career. That comes out to a win percentage just above 27%, or in laymen terms, he wins more than one out of every four tournaments he plays in. Sunday also gave Woods enough wins to surpass Jack Nicklaus and trail the leader Sam Snead for the most PGA Tour wins in a career.  “Slammin’ Sammy” was no doubt a great golfer, but what he accomplished in 30 years, Tiger is on the verge of doing in less than 20. With nine more PGA Tour wins, Woods will solidify his position as the best.

Sunday’s win also gave Tiger Woods the title of being the first player to grab three wins this season. In a club of only three strong, Tiger leads the pack of multiple wins this year. His first win came at the Arnold Palmer Invitational after a long and frustrating 2 1/2 year dry spell of zero wins. Then we witnessed one of the most dramatic finishes of the year at the Memorial Tournament, where the Tiger we all know and love sent a chip shot to the bottom of the hole. The third win for Woods this season came at the AT&T National, and was also his 22nd tour win achieved after trailing when entering the final round of play. Tiger opened the tour one over par at 72, and then finished out the rest of play under par at 68, 67, and 69 for a combined 8 under par.

The TicketCity Play of the Week comes from the green, where golf is won. And when you putt like Tiger did on the 15th hole of the Congressional, it’s hard to lose. In the final round, Woods was looking at a 21-foot birdie shot that could seal his victory at the AT&T National and indeed it did. Take a look and enjoy the TicketCity Play of the Week.




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