Tom Brady is the Best Super Bowl Quarterback of all Time


When Tom Brady takes the field at Super Bowl XLIX he will already hold most of the records for quarterback play in the Super Bowl. What has made Brady’s run so unbelievable, is the consistency in which he has done it. Since taking over as the Patriots starting quarterback in 2001, the Patriots have missed the playoffs just twice, including the 2008 season when Brady was injured for 15 games. Tom Brady has played in the AFC Championship game 9 times in his 14 seasons, winning an unprecedented 2/3rds of the time.

Tom Brady came into the league in a renaissance at the quarterback position. But in an era that included prolific playoff passers like Kurt Warner, Rich Gannon, Donovan McNabb, Peyton Manning, Ben Roethlisberger, Steve McNair, and Joe Flacco, Brady rose to the top. Oh yeah, he has beaten all of those quarterbacks at least once in the playoffs. The only quarterback that Brady has played more than once, that he a losing record to in the playoffs is Eli Manning, and he was two unbelievable catches away from beating the younger Manning both times. The great quarterbacks of this generation are measured not just in yards, completions, touchdowns, wins, and championships, but they are also judged in reference to Tom Brady. Tom Brady is a measuring stick, and one that no other quarterback can live up to.

Every Super Bowl is special. But if it is possible for a Super Bowl matchup to stand out from years past, Super Bowl XLIX does just that, and it is because of Brady. Every yard that Tom Brady gains at University of Phoenix Stadium will add to his record number of Super Bowl yards. Every Completion will further set him apart from the great quarterbacks who have played in the Super Bowl. Fans attending Super Bowl XLIX will be witness to history if Tom Brady completes just one pass for one yard. Getting a chance to witness Tom Brady take the field in the Super Bowl is on level with seeing Babe Ruth in the World Series, Jack Nicklaus win his 18th major, or Michael Jordan in the NBA Finals.

At Super Bowl XLIX Tom Brady and the New England Patriots will square off against the Super Bowl Champion Seattle Seahawks. The Seahawks Legion of Boom is building a resume as one of the best secondary’s of all time. If Cam Chancellor, Earl Thomas, and Richard Sherman can limit Tom Brady and win a 2nd straight Super Bowl, they will cement their status as legends. If not? Tom Brady will tie just about the only Super Bowl record that he doesn’t already have, joining Terry Bradshaw and Joe Montana as the only quarterbacks to win 4 Super Bowls. Love him, or hate him, we are all living in the era of Tom Brady.