Top 10 Hottest 2008 NFL Games

The buzz around the NFL is heating up as NFL training camps open and fantasy football fans start preparing for their upcoming drafts.  The opening NFL game is Thursday, September 4th when the Washington Redskins travel to the Meadowlands to take on the New York Giants.  That game is not only the first game of the NFL season, but also is the hottest game right now in-terms of average price per ticket.

Below is a list of the other hot games heading into the 2008 NFL season.  All of the prices are the average price for the game from the inventory of TicketCity and our network of suppliers.  All of the prices are subject to change, so expect to see movement on the list of hottest games as the season gets closer.

Top 10 highest average price for 2008 season:

1. $483.97 – Redskins at NY Giants on 9/4/2008
2. $474.20 – Bears at Colts on 9/7/2008
3. $465.31 – Patriots at Colts on 11/2/2008
4. $446.85 – Dolphins at Bills on 12/7/2008
5. $433.12 – Cowboys at NY Giants on 11/2/2008
6. $410.15 – Cowboys at Steelers on 12/7/2008
7. $407.80 – Eagles at Bears on 9/28/2008
8. $377.96 – Packers at Bears on 12/22/2008
9. $377.47 – Steelers at Patriots on 11/30/2008
10. $345.91 – Vikings at Bears on 10/19/2008

*Prices as of July 25th, 2008. They are subject to change without notice.




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