Top 10 Hottest NFL Games

The New York Giants, Dallas Cowboys and Chicago Bears (home games) dominate the list of the top 10 hottest games for the 2008 NFL season.  Strong starts for the Cowboys and Giants propelled their match up in the Meadowlands into the top spot on the hottest game list.  If those teams keep winning the demand for tickets is sure to grow, driving up the average ticket price even higher for that game.

Other games that fans are clamoring for right now are all Bears home games at Soldier Field.  Those are typically in high demand, and that trend continues this year.  There is also much demand for the Bills vs Dolphins game that is being played in Toronto, Canada.  That is the first NFL regular season game to be played North of the Border.

Two teams that are surprisingly absent from the list of hottest games are the Indianapolis Colts and the New England Patriots.  The Colts opening game at Lucas Oil Stadium topped our list of hottest games from this Summer, but none of their other regular season games cracked the top 10.  The Colts hottest regular-season game is their game at Pittsburgh on November 9th.  The Patriots were all over the list of top games, but the unfortunate injury to Tom Brady has cooled demand for Pats tickets.

Top 10 highest average price tickets (2008 NFL Games):
1. $483.99 – Cowboys at NY Giants on 11/2/2008
2. $451.87 – Cowboys at Steelers on 12/7/2008
3. $416.24– Dolphins at Bills on 12/7/2008
4. $393.09 – Vikings at Bears on 10/19/2008
5. $369.09 – NY Giants at Steelers on 10/26/2008
6. $367.94 – Packers at Bears on 12/22/2008
7. $346.45 – Eagles at Bears on 9/28/2008
8. $337.01 – Titans at Bears on 11/9/2008
9. $336.93 – Eagles at NY Giants on 12/7/2008
10. $331.11 – Ravens at Cowboys on 12/20/2008

*Prices as of September 17th 2008. They are subject to change without notice.  Click here to see the top 10 hottest games on July 25, 2008.


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