Top 25 Biggest College Football Rivalries in 2013

Conference realignment and scheduling changes associated with the new direction of college football means the rivalry landscape has changed. With many traditional rivalries are joining the list of has-beens, other major college football rivalries have gained traction in recent years.  In order to identify the top match-ups that will dominate discussion this season, TicketCity created a unique algorithm that quantifies the popularity, notoriety, history and competition of 95 Division 1 college football rivalries across 14 variables.  The result is a data-driven ranking of the 25 biggest rivalries in college football in 2013.

top college football rivalries

According to the data, Alabama Crimson Tide vs LSU Tigers is the biggest college football rivalry in 2013.  We’re on another collision course for these two teams to be undefeated when they meet this year in Tuscaloosa. Although their first meeting was 112 years ago, this rivalry didn’t scream for attention until LSU’s recent decade of dominance.

Alabama vs. LSU is just one of 19 of top 25 rivalries that are intra-conference, half of which are SEC.  But despite the SEC’s dominance of the list, it’s the Big Ten that lead in terms of attendance at rivalry games.  With some of the largest stadiums in American football (Michigan Stadium, Beaver Stadium and Ohio Stadium) Big Ten rivalries hold 4 of the top 5 spots for game attendance in 2012.

What do you think about the results?  Is Alabama vs. LSU a bigger rivalry in 2013 than Ohio State vs. Michigan?  Are there other rivalries you’re surprised to see included in the top 25? Let us know in the comments.




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