Top Events to Attend with Clients

A big part of our business is companies purchasing tickets to entertain clients. Big law firms, pharmaceutical companies, accounting, government, lobbyists and a whole bunch more are buying tickets for people they want to impress.

And there are thousands of great events to take clients to that they will enjoy. From infield box seats at Dodger Stadium, to 50 yard line seats at one of college football’s biggest games, to a suite in Madison Square Garden for a U2 concert. There are no shortage of events you can take your best clients to. But if you are looking for the top events in the United States to take your clients to. The biggest and most prestigious events for corporate entertaining. Then you want to check out one of these events on the list below.

Top Corporate Hospitality Events in US:
1. The Masters
* The atmosphere is ideal for wining & dining clients. Even those that are not golf fans, will enjoy this event. You spend a few hours on the beautiful course watching the best golfers up close. Then you retreat a few hundred yards to a luxurious hospitality house that has all of the amenties. Simple the best event, if you want to impress your client.

2. The Superbowl
* Superbowl week is full of parties and events. You will have your choice of top-notch parties from the Commissioner’s Ball to the Playboy Party. And everyone in the country is watching the game on TV, while you are there live.

3. Kentucky Derby
* The Derby is a very fun event. It combines great sports, gambling, drinking, eating and people watching. You can hang out in the hospitality tents in the Marquee Village or on Millionaire’s Row with the celebrities. No matter where you are, you and your client will have a memorable experience.

Others: The Ryder Cup, US Open Tennis & Golf, PGA Championship, BCS National Championship Game, Final Four, Daytona 500 and World Series.

So the next time you are looking for the right event to impress that important client, you should check out one of these.




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