Top Events Each Day at X Games Austin 2015


X Games Austin 2015 is just around the corner and the weekend is packed with music, half pipes, and some of the most intense athletes on the planet. While there is plenty to do each and every day of the X Games, here are my top events of each day at the 2015 X Games Austin.

Thursday June 4rd

The first day of the X-Games is always exciting, there is a new energy around the city and people from all over are experiencing the X Games for the first time. This first day is always packed with excitement, but you should not miss the Moto X Step up. Moto X Step Up is the equivalent of Pole Vaulting with dirt bikes, and has riders jumping ridiculous heights and squeeking over a bar suspended in the sky. The 2015 edition is set to take place in front of the Texas Capital building, giving the already spectacular event a fantastic backdrop.

Friday June 5th

Friday is the first full day at X Games Austin 2015 and there are going to be plenty of outstanding events. One that you should not miss out on seeing is the Enduro X. If you have never heard of Enduro X before, it is a group of incredibly talented athletes, on dirt bikes, racing over an obstacle course that includes things like rock gardens, mud pits, tight 90 degree turns, and plenty in between. In a word, the event is nuts, and it is incredibly entertaining.

Saturday June 6th

Fans on Saturday should be prepared for another day packed with action. But the highlight of Saturday might not be any of the athletics. Saturday night metal icons Metallica will be playing at the X Games for the first time. They are expected to have a massive crowd and are always an awesome experience when they play outdoors. The weather is expected to be perfect, and the show should be fantastic.

Sunday June 7th

The final day of X Games Austin 2015 will feature the BMX & Skateboard Big Air Doubles which is a competition that teams up one skateboarder and one BMX rider and sends them down one of the biggest ramps at the X Games. The event will feature some of the biggest jumps in the entire competition and some of the most adrenalin pumping tricks.