Top Five Reasons Florida Will Win

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TicketCity Staff

#5 Bill Donovan. The Florida head coach is one of only six men to ever reach the National Championship as both a player and a head coach. He’s one of three men to play in the Final Four and win a National Championship as a coach (Dean Smith and Bob Knight are the others). Donovan is an ocelot of a man that understands with frightening seriousness how to motivate his team during this high pressure weekend. There’s a reason all of Kentucky nation wants to pay him upwards of $4 million a year to have him to come fill their head coaching position.

#4 They’re the returning champions. And they’re still hungry. Three of their star players last year returned for their senior seasons specifically to have a shot at going back-to-back. It was a big risk for Noah, Brewer, and Al Horford, considering their basketball careers could have been halted this season had any of them become injured, and it’s hard to go anywhere from the top but down. But they came back, and they’re hungry.

#3 Their school developed Gatorade. Enough said.

#2 Experience. They were just here last year, and they have 1000% more experience than any other team in the Final Four, with the exception of maybe UCLA. Joakim Noah (above) may be eccentric, but he’s also the most fired up player in college sports right now. That wins games.

#1 And the number one reason why Florida will win this year… They’re my wife’s pick. And my wife is always right.


Donovan, now coach for the Oklahoma City Thunder, was known as a player, too. He is one of only four men (besides Dean Smith, Bobby Knight and Joe B. Hall) to appear in the NCAA Final Four as a player and win the NCAA national championship as a coach. As a student at Providence, he led the Friars to a Final Four appearance in 1987.