Top Rivalry Games in College Football

Success on the field (i.e.- wins & losses) is often the biggest driving force behind demand for a game.  Two top 10 teams are generally going to draw a lot more interest from fans than two teams with losing records.  The games that are usually the exception to that rule are rivalry games.  Because no matter what the team’s record is, their fans still want to be there to see them beat their rival.

Rankings of the top rivalry games typically skews towards which sets of teams are more in the national spotlight (i.e.- winning games).  Which makes demand cyclical for certain rivalry games, as the teams fall off slightly.  E.g.- Tennessee and Florida is a strong rivalry game, but it used to be the top game when Tennessee was a consistent top 10 team.  The Apple Cup (Washington versus Washington State) has also fallen back a bit while the two programs move through some lean years.

So what are the hottest rivalry games right now?  Below is a list of the top games as we head into October 2009.  These games are ranked on average ticket price, so they are subject to change. 

Top 10 College Football Rivalry Games (as of 10/1/2009)
1. Texas vs Oklahoma
2. USC vs Notre Dame
3. Florida vs LSU
4. Florida vs Georgia
5. Ohio State vs Michigan
6. Alabama vs Auburn
7. Oklahoma vs Nebraska
8. Texas vs Texas A&M
9. Oklahoma vs Oklahoma State
10. USC vs UCLA




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