Tuesday Football Trivia

football triviaYesterday for Tuesday Trivia, we tested your football trivia knowledge from events that occurred over the weekend.

Q: This NFL’er had his best game on Sunday, leading his team with the most catches, but may not be on the field for the rest of the season…how many catches and why might he not show up under the lights?

A: Player: Nate Buleson. Number of Catches: 6. Reason he is out?: broke his arm in a car accident (saving pizza no less!)

Q: The #Jets had what franchise-breaking record vs. the Bills on Sunday? Reply w/ the correct answer to win a $25 gift card. #TuesdayTrivia

A: The most penalties in one game (20 – whoa!)

Both Barry P. and Nick B. were smart enough to answer correctly! Congratulations!

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