Turk Pipkin charity fund raiser

I went to a fundraiser last night that was incredible. It was an intimate event at the Four Seasons Hotel in Austin to help author Turk Pipkin raise money for his Nobelity project and to help fund water and electricity opportunities in third world countries. The event was jammed packed with celebrities. I met Willie Nelson, sat next to Butch Hancock and listend to his band the Flat Liners with Dale Gilmore. I also got to hear the legendary Pintop Perkins, who is over 90 years old, play. It was a who’s who fest in the crowd, I met Lance Armstrong, Ricardo from Desperate Housewives, Brad from Friday Night Lights and Owen Wilson from Wedding Crashers. I attended the event with my girlfriend Mia, Steve & Amy from Amy’s Ice Cream, Ronald and Bianca Cheng from China Town, Dale and Amanda Dudley from the 93.7 KLBJ Morning show and Melanie and Simon Forster from Forster Chiropractic. It was a media extravaganza and I had a blast.

My very best!

Chief Energizing Officer TicketCity