UEFA Champions League Final

The UEFA Champions League Final is in Athens this year, May 23rd. The final four teams competing for a spot on the World’s Biggest Annual Football Final are: Liverpool, Manchester United, AC Milan, and Chelsea. Man U beat AC Milan 3-2 in the first leg on Tuesday, so they’re one goal up on the Italians on Goal differential. Chelsea also leads Liverpool 1-0 with one match remaining to be played next week.

If Man United can hold on to it’s lead over AC Milan, then it will be an all English final and you can expect ticket prices to follow along with the hype. If the match ends up being played between Manchester United and Chelsea, expect ticket prices to exceed $5000 each. My advise, get them now!

Ticket City will be onsite in Athens for the final as well beginning May 20th…hotel delivery and last minute orders will be available.