US Open Wrap Up


The 2014 US Open has ended and Martin Kaymer had to ruin the event for everyone by win by 8 strokes. I wrote a week ago that the Masters was a boring event and that all golf fans were hoping for a more exciting weekend. I guess the race for second was exciting…

All joking aside Martin Kaymer took a break from his side job as RoboCop to thoroughly dominant the field and his play made for some great viewing. Before the tournament started I heard some experts predicting that a score of one-over par might be a good enough to win and then Kaymer comes out and shoots back to back rounds of five-under 65. That is impressive in its own right but just for good measure he set a 36 hole record for a US Open. All in a day’s work for Martin Kaymer. That ten under through two days allowed him to still run away with the victory despite being 1 over on Saturday and Sunday.

Not to keep giving myself more credit but last week I also said this course was going to be one of the tougher US Opens in recent memory. There were incredibly long par 5s, narrow fairways and the rough was really just a mix of dead grass and sand. No one was even really sure where that rough ended and where bunkers began.

Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

Kaymer’s dominance was interesting but I was overjoyed to see my personal favorite golfer and human highlighter Rickie Fowler making a run and coming away with a second place finish. Also I better not hear one bad word about Rickie. He came out onto the green on Thursday wearing knickers in honor of his idol Payne Stewart. He was out there having fun with his outfit in a major championship which is just the type of attitude that will help attract more fans to golf. Yes he hit some massively bad shots but he held it together enough to be one of three golfers to end the weekend under par. He was in the final group on Sunday and had Kaymer played like any other professional golfer, Rickie would have been right there vying for the victory. He didn’t win but he definitely cemented himself as a major player when it comes time for the next major. For all the publicity Rory McIlroy gets for being so young, Rickie Fowler is also only 25.

While many may have had lower expectations for Rickie Folwer, experts (me included) were looking for some big things from the big names of the tour. Phil Mickelson, who lost that epic 1999 US Open to Payne Stewart, came in to the tournament looking for a career grand slam. He left seven over par. Masters winner Bubba Watson’s chances of back to back majors ended on Friday when he missed the cut and Rory ended up six over. World number one Adam Scott came away ninth with a two over par which isn’t terrible and that score somewhat helped his case that he deserves that number one ranking.

While I joked that Kaymer ruined the excitement of the tournament, that doesn’t mean it wasn’t enjoyable. It was actually fantastic viewing as an amateur golfer because my self-esteem is through the roof. Watching these guys whose jobs are to play golf at an elite level struggle so much was so very comforting. Hitting my shot from a bunker straight into another bunker sucks. Then I saw Phil Mickelson do it so I’ve got nothing to worry about next time my round goes to hell. I saw Rory miss putts and I miss putts. Rickie Fowler shanked shots and I shank shots. It’s like were twins or something. Yes, I know I don’t play at Pinehurst but for the first time in my life I guarantee I could have made some of the same shots the pros did. Shots that don’t go where I plan are my specialty.

Regardless it was a fun event to watch. Pinehurst looked unlike any other golf course I’ve ever seen and it lived up to its billing as a tough course. To honor the great weekend of golf I think I’m going to dress up as Rickie Fowler tomorrow.