Van Halen Conert with the boys

I took my 13 year old twin boys (names are AC and DC, Alec Cohen and Derek Cohen)and two of there friends to the Van Halen concert Saturday night in Dallas Texas. We had an amazing time. We jumped in the truck and road tripped to Dallas on Saturday afternoon. It was Eddie Van Halen’s birthday so we knew we were in for a rockin good time. Eddie had a tattoo on his shoulder that read “Wolfgang”, that was his 16 year old son they he had with Valery Bertinelli. Wolfgang is the Bass player for the band and he pleayed by his side the entire night. Eddie was so proud of his kid and you could see him beaming. Van Halen played for nearly 2 1/2 hours and the kids did not sit down once. It was there first really big rock and roll concert so we did it up right. The kids were jumping up and down for most of the songs and when “Jump” came on they almost launched out of there shoes. It sure was a great time to have a Rock and Roll dad day with my boys. It was awesome to see them enjoying good ol fashion rock and roll just like there old man.

Randy Cohen
Chief Energizing Officer TicketCity