Moody Amphitheater Venue Info

The Moody Amphitheater is the new downtown outdoor venue to open in Austin, Texas. It is the first large, outdoor music venue in downtown Austin with a seating capacity of over 5,000 people. From the day it opens in 2021 it will surely be among the most popular venues to see a concert or live event in Central Texas. Below are 10 facts about the popular venue and the Moody Amphitheater Seating Chart.

  1. What year did the Moody Amphitheater open?
  2. How many fans can attend a show at Moody Amphitheater?
    5,000 is the approximate venue capacity.
  3. How many reserved seating sections are at Moody Amphitheater?
    Eight (8), and two of those are set aside specifically for Wheelchair users.
  4. How many seats are in the Reserved Lawn area at Moody Amphitheater?
    100 chairs are setup across 2 rows in the Reserved Lawn at front of the Premium Lawn (although that number could vary based on the show).
  5. What is the first concert to be performed at Moody Amphitheater?
    Glass Animals is the first concert scheduled to play at Moody, on September 12, 2021.
  6. What was the cost to build the Moody Amphitheater?
    $88 Million Dollars was the price tag for that entire section of the Waterloo Greenway, which the Moody Amphitheater sits in.
  7. What is the Front Row at Moody Amphitheater right in-front of the stage?
    Row A is the Front Row section in Sections 101, 102, 103, 104, 104, and 105.
  8. What are the Best Seats in Moody Amphitheater?
    Box Seats are widely regarded as “the best seats in the house” and rarely available to purchase. The box seats are elevated four-person boxes just behind the reserved seats (101-104). Box seats offer premium amenities and a unobstructed view.
    Section 103, Row A, Seats 7-8 are located front & center directly in-front of the stage so they could be considered the best reserved seats in the venue. Although fans may enjoy a variety of the seats in this smaller venue, including the aforementioned Box Seats directly behind the 100-level seating.

Moody Amphitheater Seating Chart

The seating chart at Moody Amphitheater in Austin, Texas details the reserved and lawn seating for the 5,000 person venue.

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