Vince Young is Getting Another Shot

Young was once the biggest name in college football. (GREG NELSON/SI)

The saga that is Vince Young might not be over just yet. The former #3 overall pick was signed by the Cleveland Browns after a tryout in minicamp, and he’ll battle Tyler Thigpen for the backup spot in training camp. Brian Hoyer had a strong showing in minicamp and is expected to be the starter but the Browns are also keen to pick a quarterback in the upcoming draft. When it’s all said and done, Young could be looking at the No. 3 QB position at best, but that’s all he’s asking for at this point.

Young has had a dramatic fall from grace since winning a National Championship at the University of Texas and winning the NFL’s Rookie of the Year Award. The money has dried up after some sketchy business ventures, and Young’s ability to take care of the ball fell off a cliff. Young last played in the NFL behind Michael Vick for the Eagles, but his poor performances when Vick was sidelined due to injury scared off most potential suitors. The 6’6 QB was signed by the Packers before last season and impressed during training camp, but was subsequently cut by the franchise before the start of the season. Young claims to have been blackballed by the NFL, but the fact that he continually gets the opportunity to prove himself seems to say otherwise.

The Browns are known for their failures at the quarterback position, so it will be interesting to see how this all plays out over the next couple of months. High profile QB failures for the Browns are well documented, and it seems as though another experiment will be undertaken soon in the draft. They may draft someone like Johnny Manziel or Teddy Bridgewater, who would more than likely push Hoyer to back up and either Thigpen or Young to third string. However if you’ve been following the Browns, you know it’s not far-fetched to imagine the third-stringer seeing some playing time at some point in the season. Brandon Weeden went into the season as the starter in 2013, but by the end of the season third-stringer Brian Hoyer was in the limelight and actually performing with moderate success.

Young won’t light the world on fire, and he may not see the field or even the regular-season roster. All he’s been clamoring for is another chance to be a NFL quarterback, and he’s been given a chance. Now we’ll see if the former Longhorn standout has the talent and mental capacity to get it done at that level once again.




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