Vince Young & Titans vs Texans October 21st

Everyone knows in Texas football is BIG; also sports fans in Texas are loyal and die-hard. So to think that more Texans are going to show up for October’s Titans-Texans game to cheer on Vince Young (a the Titan) than the Houston “Texans” might seem a bit bizarre. However, you must consider that VY hails from Houston… and VY lead the UT Longhorns to a National Championship in 2005-06. Last years game in Houston ended in ‘InVinceable’ fashion… so hopefully for VY fans we’ll all get treated to another good show this October. Whether you’re simply a Houston Texans fan or a Vince Young fan… or both… be sure to grab tickets while they’re as cheap as they’re probably going to be… as the game gets closer you can count on these ticket prices to climb, with the demand!

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