Who Wants Madoff’s Mets Tickets?

It was announced recently that a trustee of Bernie Madoff, Ponzi scheme master, seeks to sell off  Mr. Madoff’s Mets season tickets which were owned by his company.  Auctions are being to considered to award the tickets to the highest bidder.  Don’t everyone jump at once.

Now I can understand how there might be a certain cachet associated with saying you got Bernie Madoff’s season tickets.  Maybe you lost some money to his schemes and you’d feel a bit better if you were able to get something of his – at a steal of price.  It might feel good to gain some luxury premiums to leisure sports events in this economy, just as Mr. Madoff is likely to lose all access to both luxury and leisure.

Sure, that might make sense. 

What doesn’t make sense?

They’re not Madoff’s tickets.  The pair being sold is actually a pair of seats a few sections over and a few rows back, accompanied by similar features like access to Delta Club Platinum and premium parking.  Apparently the trustee worked out a deal with the Mets to exchange the seats because the actual seats may be too expensive and the replacements seats would be much more marketable in this economic climate.

Again, that might make sense.

What doesn’t make sense? 

The bargain price of the replacement seats is $60,750.  Yes that’s the bargain price.  A 24% savings off the price of Mr. Madoff’s actual seats, at $80,190.  Ah, so if any of you were wondering where the economy stands today, the threshold has now been defined: $80K Mets season tickets behind home – out of reach.  $60K Mets season tickets a few rows back and few sections over – within reach.  And apparently very marketable. 

Quick, Obama, pick up your Blackberry.  Apparently we’re all overreacting with this stimulus package thing.  All we need is a few more Mets season ticket packages at the bargain basement price of $20K and we should have things humming along in no time.  GM, Chrysler, you in?

Now I like the Mets.  And I’m sure the new Citi Field cost a pretty penny. No disrespect, but hasn’t this just become an overblown story about some expensive Mets season tickets?  I still want to know the real story: Who’s getting Madoff’s actual seats?

Mets fans, if you’re in the sub-$60K budget range like me, you know can always find some great seats at TicketCity.  Find your tickets here.  Just get a pic of who’s sitting behind home plate this season, would ya?